Professional Images

HP Productions will take all the high quality still images you require for the documentation of your hunt.

Highly Skilled

With over a decade of experience in the Safari industry, you can be sure that you will receive the highest quality service.

Well Traveled

Places like, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia, Spain, Pakistan, Canada, Liberia and many more.

Plenty of Footage

Your completed movie is available on either DVD or Blu-Ray and will be delivered to you by your choice of courier.

HP Productions Story

More About HP Productions

HP Productions is an independent, specialized Video Production Company with over a decade of experience in the Safari industry.

We specialize in hunting videography for the true sportsman and Promotional Products for Outfitters and Professional Hunters.

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Having worldwide experience, HP Productions has filmed clients in South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Ghana, Pakistan, Iran, Spain, Argentina , U.S.A, Turkey , Canada , Liberia , Zanzibar, Croatia.

When you book an HP Productions cameraman, he will be by your side during your hunting adventure from the start to the end.

Filming in High Definition, the daily routine of the hunt. Be it driving through the concession, glassing a herd of buffalo or that shot of a lifetime, your cameraman will be with you, filming all the details that you would expect of a high end, professional TV show on the Outdoor Channel.

H P Productions cameramen use ultra-reliable Sony and Canon HD cameras and an in-house designed shoulder mount to aid stability when filming.

This lightweight, portable kit means that your cameraman can go wherever you go, from the peaks of the Himalaya to the dry, dusty expanses of the Kalahari.

When the safari is finished your footage is sent to our in-house editors. An average hunt will produce enough footage to fill numerous episodes of a TV hunting show, therefore our skilled editors will take your footage, separate the wheat from the chaff and create a watchable, action packed, hunting adventure, without all the repeats and drawn out footage.

Appropriate, subtle background music is then added to the final touches to create a high quality product. Your completed movie is available on either DVD or Blu-Ray and will be delivered to you by courier.

Over the past decade HP Productions have established close ties with several renowned Outfitters.

We have also worked with well-known international filming companies that specializes in producing selling hunting movies. Our best endorsement though, comes from the number of repeat hunters that we film, year after year, across the world.

 An HP Productions hunting movie is the perfect complement to the trophies that you harvested on the Plains or in the Jungles of the Dark Continent.

About HP Productions

We are one of the leading Premium Hunting Videographers in South Africa delivering highly professional video productions and images to our clients. Contact us today for our next Hunting adventure.

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