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2016 - An Exciting Family Hunt

We have just finished with a fun family safari these past 10 days; Troy Davis has hunted with me 3 times in the past 10 years, this time however he brought along his Sons and Grandchildren. No doubt we had a blast!!!

We had 5 hunting vehicles, with 5 Ph.'s as well as 5 camera men - 1 camera man per vehicle on this safari!!

You will NOT believe the incredible footage (Thrills & Spills) that we ALL got to show every night in camp, which Included a little 9 year old girl Eli Davis, who took 7 different species all with ONE shot kills, on foot! walk & stalk - not shooting from the truck!!... Amazing.

Bottom line, superb footage that can be watched in the comfort of their own homes at any time, with a ton of action and memories that are going to last forever .... No more trying to tell the story! simply sit back and show the story ... live! As the hunt unfolds.

Click here for more pictures of this family hunt ..>>


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